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City of Bohane - Kevin Barry This book was a challenge, but in a good way. It's set 40 years in the future, in a fictitious city in the west of Ireland. (In the interest of full disclosure: I lived in Galway, a real city in the west of Ireland, for three years, so I'm a bit biased toward the country and the region.) The characters speak in an invented regional patois which takes a bit of time to get used to, but is worthwhile. The city of Bohane is controlled by a gang called the Hartnett Fancy, which I think is a delightful name for a criminal organization. The characters are an interesting mix of beautiful but deadly women, aging, slightly paranoid criminals, and young ruffians who are decidedly reminiscent of Alex from Clockwork orange. I found the book to be original and unpredictable, and look forward to reading Barry's Dark lies the island, a short story collection that's sitting on my shelf at home.