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The Iron King - Maurice Druon We tend to be overwhelmed in the U.S. by historical fiction about the British Isles, so this glimpse into the royal court of France in the 14th century was a nice change of pace. Also, there's a link to the English throne through Philip the IV's daughter, Isabella, so the Anglophiles out there will be mollified as well.The book takes a number of different perspectives, following Philip IV (the titular character), the Grand Master of the Knights Templar (in the interest of full disclosure I should note that I'm a sucker for Templars), Queen Isabella of England, Robert of Artois, etc. There's a handy table of characters at the front of the book, as well as a couple of family trees (which weren't in my copy because it's an advanced reader's edition, but would definitely have been appreciated).Even though there are six more books in this series, this felt like a well-contained story. I look forward to reading the other books, especially if they're all as manageable in length (a little over three hundred pages), as this one.