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The Shining - Stephen King I can see why Stephen King was pissed off with Kubrick's movie. Jack is very much a stand-in for King, the alcoholic writer with a young family, and events are beyond his control in the book. In the movie, he just turns into a crazyface because of the solitude.That being said, the movie was great, and is worth re-watching after you've read the book, because little things suddenly make sense. Like that guy in the dog costume. I was all, what the hell is that about? And once I read the book I was like, aha, now it makes sense. And gave a knowing nod. To the book.The one thing that I liked more about the book was the ending because 1) Scatman Crothers doesn't die as soon as he shows up at the hotel in the snowstorm (yes, I know, the character's name is Dick Halloran, and Crothers was the actor, but I don't care - Scatman Crothers is just so much more fun to say) and 2) there's a big goddamn explosion, and if there's one thing I like, it's a big goddamn explosion. I also think it's interesting how positive the ending in Stephen King's books can be. For all that he writes scary stories, he tends to be big on happily ever afters.